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We at Symac provides one of the most comprehensive career management solutions available today.

Aimed at clients of all ages AND at all stages of professional life, we have over 20 years experience, offering a wide range of corporate and individual career planning programmes.

We offer a full career management service.

For career direction we can offer comprehensive career and educational guidance for all stages, with related coachings.

For job seekers we can help you design a winning CV, prepare a suitable application and ultimately coach you for Interview (including a practice Interview).

For HR managers we offer a consultancy service including staff selection, outplacement, psychometric testing, design and monitoring of graduate programs, HR trainings related to hiring process.

For clients seeking or facing life change such as setting up your own business, retirement or redundancy we can help make the most from the opportunity.

Symac solutions partner with government organisation, public sector and other departments to offer the consultancy and take up complex projects related to research and analytics around the world, which include various ministries such as Environment, … , Finance, etc.

We work closely with the government organisation and provide custom solutions which are specifically designed for the organisation. Our team of consultants have vast experience of working on government projects which makes us best in the class.

We work closely with client to provide data driven actionable insights for demand management. Internet has transformed this industry and made it more complex so we need our analytics team to work upon the data and help client make better decision, increase profitability. 

We combine our domain knowledge with advanced analytics to provide strategic solution. This industry is very much seasonal in nature which makes it more dynamic and complex and makes a reason to believe in advanced analytics capabilities.

In today’s scenario Retail and CPG market is dynamic and constantly evolving which keeps manufacturer on toes. Companies and retailer need to be innovative and utilize the consumer data to get the data driven insights which would help take the right decisions to excel in the market and maintain the growth rate ahead of the market.

It is very important to understand the consumers shopping pattern and preferences and choices which customer makes.

Symac provides the actionable insights by using advanced analytics and by adding the domain expertise from the industry.

Symac help you understand your customer, which can meet their current needs and predict the future one to stay ahead from the competitors.

At Symac we help healthcare orgnaisation to be cost efficient in changing scenario of customer centric business by using advanced analytics on the day to day data and transform the business decision process by making it more impactful and fact based. 

We help integrate multiple data source and draw actionable insights for better strategic decisions.

Life Sciences

Symac is redefining the ways company’s getting benefits from advanced analytics to increase the sales, improvement in the clinical operations, drug safety etc. Changes in the Pharmaceutical industry demand innovation to tackle the challenge of operational efficiency and increasing sales. We partner with client in innovation and help increase the sales and marketing effectiveness.




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